January 2020 - A New Decade

Pastor Widger's blog: A New Decade

As we approach the close of the current decade it is time to reflect and look forward. Grace Lutheran Church experienced many milestone changes in the 2010s. Closing a long beloved Christian school was traumatic but necessary. Changing staff and programs also took a toll and created new opportunities. The surrounding neighborhood continues to morph and create new challenges and gospel openings. In all this God has been working! He has continued to nurture the souls of the faithful and draw new believers to Himself. All along He has also been preparing his beautiful bride, the church, for what comes next.

Looking towards the coming decade, what will we see God doing? No human can know the mind of God and what He seeks to do, but we can see where He is working and build partnerships there. Let me give a few examples from the past few weeks. On Wednesday, (6:30 a.m.) December 11th, 6 -8 of our members did some relationship building with our GLEE program. They put together gifts bags that included Christmas sticker books for the children, a coffee thermos for the parents, and other goodies. They served our GLEE families donuts and coffee, and best of all they prayed with families. Feedback from the families was very encouraging. Our GLEE partnership was strengthened. On Tuesday, December 17th I attended the Newman International Academy Christmas program. Again, I saw God working! There were about a dozen Grace members in attendance. Almost all were there to support the work of their Academy 4 mentees. Children were introducing parents to mentors – smiles and side hugs were abundant. Relationships were being forged. Newman’s program that evening strengthened my faith as they shared a delightful production, which gave great glory to God and pointed directly to Jesus as God’s one and only true Son! God was at work!

As we seek to join God in His activity, we will continue to be keenly watchful and carefully listening. “Blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear” (Matthew 13:16). May we together see and hear His activity. We will indeed be blessed by His gracious leading!


Pastor Doug Widger