We are an amazing group of volunteers here at Grace who don’t even take off for the summer. In the approximately 200 Braille Centers across the US, there are 5,000 volunteers. If each one made a minimum wage LBW would be paying out $8.5 million a year. Volunteers are such a treasure.

Many people do not realize that a Braille Bible, sold at retail, would cost the recipient between $1200–$1400. Because of volunteer workers, it costs $270 per Bible. Of course, LBW provides these books free of charge to any who wants them, whether Braille or large print. The money spent to print the books must be offset by donations from individuals, groups, churches, etc. There is an envelope among your church envelopes that is for Braille. Use it any time.

Watch this video introduction to our Braille Ministry:

Anyone who would like to be a volunteer call Ruth Brown at 817.274.8600