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Outreach News

At Grace, we offer various opportunities to get involved in the community.

This ministry fosters relationships between church and GLEE staff and families and Newman staff through prayer by pairing each person or family with a person or family from Grace who will be their prayer warrior for the year. They will use phone, text or email to communicate prayer needs.

Grace Friends

Prayer makes a difference! To obtain the appropriate form in order to volunteer as (or receive) a Grace Friend, email space@grace.lc. Once assigned, you will contact one assigned GLEE staff or family or one Newman Staff monthly to ask for prayer requests and generally check in with how they are doing. Actually pray with your person, as the Spirit moves and as you are all comfortable. Let them know, if they have prayer requests before the next time you contact them, they may contact you. You may send birthday, holiday or encouragement cards by sending directly to the GLEE office or to the NIAG office. Please keep all correspondence appropriate and positive & write ‘Grace Friends’ above the person’s name. Agree to a commitment of one school year, knowing the partnership can formally be renewed from year to year.

Arlington Charities

Grace Lutheran supports Arlington Life Shelter every fourth Saturday of every month from 5:00p – 7:00p. Our church members provide food, and different groups volunteer to prepare and distribute the food.Arlington Charities provides food for approximately 40 families a day. At this time they are in need of kid friendly food (the school breakfast program is over for the summer) such as breakfast cereal, mac & cheese, peanut butter, or any other type of foods. Your help is greatly appreciated.