Meet 'n Eat Dinner Groups

We currently have five groups that meet once a month at various times depending on when the majority of the group can gather for a meal and fellowship. The Boyle, Matthys, Pace and McCormick groups have both men and women, singles and couples who enjoy their time together. The George Group is a ladies only group that meets for a weekday lunch. Please call the Group Leader to get more details about their group - you’ll be glad you did!!

Group Leader Contact Meet When?
Boyle Group Joann Boyle 817.946.9542 Meeting on various Fridays
Matthys Group Robert Matthys 817.860.8641 Meeting on various Thursdays
Rukavina Group Tracey Rukavina 817.460.3356 Meeting on various Thursdays
George Group Santa George 214.457.2617 Meeting on First Thursdays with a Weekday Lunch