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  • Infants: 6 Weeks-12 Months
  • Toddlers: 13 Months- 24 Months
  • Two’s
  • Three’s
  • Pre-K
  • PK3 WrapAround (enrolled concurrently with AISD)

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AISD Community Based PreK

We are fortunate to be able to partner with the Arlington Independant School Disctrict to provide an opportunity for students who qualify for AISD PreK to attend our WrapAround class at a discounted rate. 

What is a WrapAround Class?

A WrapAround class is a class that splits its time between our AISD class and our regular PreK class. Students spend three hours each day in a class with a certified teacher that is an AISD employee. The rest of the day they attend our PreK class. This is a great opportunity for families that qualify for free public school PreK, but are also in need of all day childcare.  

Call for more details:

GLEE Office: 817-275-5131

Kooken Elementary: 682-867-7220

Please visit https://www.aisd.net/district/departments/academic-services/specialized-learning-services/early-childhood-learning/prek-enrollment/page/2/ to begin the registration process.