I’m New

Image of the entrance of the church for your first visit to Grace Lutheran Church

YOUR FIRST VISIT – We are glad you are here!

Here are 5 steps for your first visit to Grace

1. Learn about our service

Ou congregation worships all together at 9:30 AM each week, followed by Bible Study at 10:45. Come and see what God is doing in our family of faith!  

image of person looking up directions on their phone for their first visit

2. Check the Map

We are located at 210 West Park Row Drive, Arlington, TX 76010.

3. Where to Park

We offer convenient guest parking on the west side parking lot next to the office entrance. Look for the signs! From there, walk around the south corner to the main double-glass doors entrance to enter the Sanctuary. Parking surrounds the church if these are full. Overflow parking exists on the grass field on the lawn to the west of the church building. The main entrance is located on the south side of the church. Park Row is the north side.

4. Check the Kids In

Kids are always welcome in our Worship Services. In addition, our Nursery is located outside the doors to the Sanctuary where our Nursery Staff care for children 3 and under. Check little ones in there. Our Grace Kids team will register (first time guests) and check your children in for Sunday School by the South entrance of the Narthex. All staff are current on background checks, safety training and CPR/first aid training.

5. Worship with us!