Serve at Grace

Altar Guild

This group of behind-the-scenes workers work at glorifying God by keeping the sanctuary and narthex clean, organized, and decorated for any given season. They meet every Saturday at 9 am. Contact Susan White for more information at 972-979-2188.


Assist in welcoming congregants into the service, as well as performing various tasks to help it run smoothly. Contact Joe Elmers at 817-274-1626churchoffice@grace.lc


Welcome newcomers, members, and regular attendees to Grace by using your gifts and connecting with Jesus to connect with others! Contact Nancy Grieser at 817-274-1626 or churchoffice@grace.lc for more information.

Worship Service Tech Team

Become a member of the Tech Team and you can learn, share skills, and work with an awesome group of people! Our Techs run cameras, the sound board, and the slides during worship. We couldn’t do worship without them! Contact Red Hoar at 817-274-1626 or churchoffice@grace.lc to learn more.

Music Ministry

Click here to learn more about the opportunities to serve with the Music Ministry. You can also contact William Land at 817-274-1626 or wland@grace.lc

Adult Discipleship/Small Groups

Are you interested in caring for the spiritual health and growth of our church body here at Grace? Contact Jenna Del Cristo at 817-274-1626 or jdelcristo@grace.lc for more information.

Family Ministry

Please speak with Serena Pace at 817-274-1626 or space@grace.lc to learn how you can be involved in Family Ministry! Join in the prayer to raise strong families in the faith at Grace and in our community. We are a zero-tolerance ministry and believe it is important to provide a safe setting for young people to explore their faith. Therefore all volunteers and paid staff receive safety training and background checks yearly.