Grace Life by Serena

Grace Life

by Serena

My son recently said God had talked with him, and so I asked what God said. His answer was that he was coming to His house. I asked Him where His house was and he replied, “His house is in the church.” I asked where He had been and he told me, “in His apartment.” Well, I am not sure about that last part, but I did think it was an interesting conversation. I wonder if he thought God had many houses or that he walked among His people. I love that my son said God had talked with him. I do believe that God is always on the move, everywhere, working in the lives of His people and bringing others to a new place in their faith. God is moving in wonderful ways at Grace through His people, the Church. We are the Church. God wants to have conversations with all of us and wants us to take Him into our homes, workplaces and into our communities. His grace is abundant! As Thanksgiving approaches, my prayer for us is that we know our God knows us by name, loves us unconditionally and gifts us with faith. He wants us to share His mighty and amazing love with others so that they, too, can have conversations with God their Heavenly Father.

Be blessed this Thanksgiving!