Grace Lutheran Early Education

​At our preschool, we are privileged to provide each child with an opportunity to grow in the way and at the pace that God intends. We believe in helping each child develop a healthy concept of God and the surrounding world.

Research from early childhood education experts indicates that children are fully capable of learning at a very young age. When introduced to a structured learning environment early on, we nurture a youngster’s enormous capacity for learning and understanding. This helps prepare a child socially, emotionally and academically for school. Positive early childhood experiences not only help children now, but also help develop strength and stability for the future. Our program provides an education of the highest quality that is in tune with the child’s age and level of development.

We’ve built each classroom at Grace Lutheran Early Education around Learning Centers. These are areas and activities throughout our program which allow children to focus on different subjects. In them, they manipulate materials, explore ideas, discover consequences, and build. They also create and express themselves through art, music, and play. Learning Centers give the child an opportunity to make decisions and choose the timing of his/her learning. This kind of hands-on learning is essential. It is the best possible learning environment for children, according to the NAEYC.

​Our preschool teachers also emphasize social and emotional development. They work on skills such as language and communication, dramatic play, creative art, number readiness, phonemic awareness, science, nature, and computer skills. All of our classes use One in Christ curriculum, and our Toddler through PreK classes also use curriculum from Frog Street Press. Children participate in age-appropriate Chapel services each week as well.

We are licensed to operate through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

We invite your family to join us in the fun as we grow together!

child playing at preschool