Youth Events

Bayou La Batre, Alabama

July 8 through 16, 2023, $450
Contact Serena for registration and payment information!
For current Grades 6—12.

Encounter the resilient spirit of Bayou La Batre as we serve through home improvement projects, elder care and children’s ministries. In the evenings, we’ll experience Dauphin Island, a worship service, and a tour of Bayou La Batre. We’ll also encounter many community friends who have shared their community with YouthWorks staff, students and adult leaders since 1998. Contact Serena with questions.

Developing young leaders, who love Jesus and seek to serve others is of great importance. Grace Youth offers fellowship and service events that allow youth in Grades 7-12 to grow in faith, closer to each other and in leadership. These events are meant to develop hearts for service to others.

We always encourage Youth to bring their friends!

Middle School Mash-Up

Contact Serena Pace for more information at space@grace.lc

Would you like to learn how you can be involved in Youth Ministry and Events? Join in the prayer to raise strong families in the faith at Grace and in our community! We are a zero-tolerance ministry and believe it is important to provide a safe setting for young people to explore their faith. Therefore, all volunteers and paid staff receive safety training and background checks yearly.


Serena Pace, Director of Ministries
space@grace.lc; 817-274-1626, x102