Alma Zamora

Deaconess Alma Zamora is a graduate of the Center for Hispanic Studies together with her husband, Pastor Juan. She received her call as Deaconess of Outreach in 2012.

Deaconess Alma has served filling several roles. She has served as a mentor for Sunday school teachers, and helped to develop curriculum for the education programs of different Hispanic missions which she has served in the DFW Area through T2C2. She is gifted in starting new outreach ministries and facilitating relationships between the community and the church.

Deaconess Alma has also worked to develop leaders throughout DFW for the T2C2 mission network, especially in the areas of family and children’s ministries. She has developed other resources that facilitate ministry to families in different settings during her time of service, including the developing materials for Latin America.

Alma is from Mexico. She and Pastor Juan are proud parents of a daughter, Stephanie, who attends Concordia University in Austin, TX.

Her greatest joys are that she gets to serve a multilingual and multiethnic congregation here at Grace. She loves it most when people from diverse backgrounds become friends and find their common need for Jesus.