Red Hoar

Red has been associated with Grace Lutheran Church since 1992 when he and his beautiful bride Susan were married in the Sanctuary. After 10 years on US Naval Submarines, they transferred their membership in 2000 back to Grace. He has taught Sunday school (Remember Kidmo?) and been on many kid retreats. He served two tours as a board member, where he fought hard to bring the UTA Student Center to Grace. He has been a big part of the Media Ministry, converting the system over from Arlington-Telecable and video cassettes, to a fully digital audio and video system. He helped bring in the sanctuary video screens and the live streaming of church services.

Red is the Software Development Program Manager for a local game simulation company. He loves to volunteer and with wife Susan and kids Jacob, Ryan and Rachel, has been a part of the Arlington Life Shelter for 21 years. He helps run the Ham Radio system for the City of Arlington. His favorite bible verses are Isaiah 56:12 and Psalm 150.